Saturday, February 13, 2010

RIP McQueen

I'm mournful for this loss... one of the greatest geniuses in the Fashion Industry has left us and his creativity and talent will never be forgotten. I remember as i started this blog that i thought one day when i get out of "Killatown" i would go to NY fashion week either as a reporter of Vogue or Allure or as an aspiring designer or just a fashion lover, and i would meet all of the people who inspire me and make me dream bigger in this unfaithful world we live in. One of those people was Alexander McQueen and I can't stop thinking about how i'll never get to meet him and to see what was inside his head because McQueen with his conceptual thinking, imagination, and the passion found in his tailoring techniques taught me that in this world the ones who take the risk to dream big are the ones who succeed.

Here is a small biography

Alexander McQueen!The one, the only - With his continually provocative shows and outrageous designs, Alexander McQueen has solidified his reputation as the bad boy of fashion. The designer's potent mix of controversy, creativity, and technical mastery has earned him three British Designer of the Year awards and a faithful celebrity following (fans include David Bowie and Prodigy's Keith Flint). Born to a taxi driver in London's East End, the self-described "pink sheep of the family" became an apprentice for Savile Row tailors Anderson & Sheppard at 16. After working for Romeo Gigli in Milan, McQueen returned to study at St. Martin's College in London. His exquisite tailoring and inventive designs caught the attention of fashion legend Isabella Blow who bought his entire student collection and became his patron. McQueen soon launched his own label and made instant headlines with a racy, theatrical collection entitled Highland Rape that included his infamous low-cut "bumster" pants. In 1996 he was named the role of chief designer at Givenchy. Feeling creatively stifled by the couture house, whose founder he dismissed as "irrelevant," McQueen left Givenchy in 2000 and has since joined the Gucci group.
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