Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring 2010 Fashion Trend No.2

High Knee Socks

This is one of my favorite trends:D
Whilst there'll be several styles of socks popular in 2010, knee high socks (and similar styles) will be one of the defining looks to work into your wardrobe. Best of all, they're transeasonal and will be perfect alongside a number of other Winter 2010 and Spring 2010 fashion trends.
To compliment your 2010 wardrobe consider investing in three predominant styles:
  • Knee high socks
  • Over the knee socks
  • Thigh high socks

How to style knee high socks & thigh high socks:
  • Pick the length wisely: they have to suit your body's shape.
  • If you've got big thighs, thigh high socks will draw too much attention to them.
  • Knee socks that finish below the knee may compliment your bone structure more than those knee high socks which finish above the knee. Try both styles on.
  • Knee high socks that cut off just below the knee are more likely to give you a slimmer look, as going only a short distance above the knee could result in socks that 'bulge' on your knee.
  • Thigh high socks provide a perfect alternative to exposed stay-ups from 2010's lingerie as outerwear fashion trend.
  • If you're short, knee high socks that cut off below the knee are best paired with a shorter hemline to expose more leg and, thus, imply greater height. The hem should be no lower than the middle of your thigh.
  • If you're in a colder climate then knitted socks might work for you. But avoid chunky and overt knitted socks: they were last a fashion trend back in 2007, and trends seldom repeat themselves so quickly.
  • Avoid pairing knee high socks with tartan and plaid skits unless you can otherwise avoid the school girl overtones. The Gossip Girl look for girls is fast becoming a faux pas.
  • Don't be afraid to layer. Knee high socks and over the knee socks worn over sheer, patterned stockings can add a whole new dimension to an outfit.
  • Nor should you be afraid to colour and texture, particularly if you want the socks to be a focal piece of your outfit
Now some Eye Candy!!:


Sandals + Socks
Another Trend i was dying to talk about was the Sandals+Socks and this is because as everyone(i guess) knows, i draw fashion sketch and stuff so i drew one that had sandals and socks and one of my classmates said like ewww nobody would wear that.. that is soo not fashionable.. and i was soo pissed that i told her In fact honey they wear this and FYI ugly shorts and abercrombie shirts are no longer considered fashionable! haha i felt soo good with my self i mean who does she think she is? ahah well anyways i think i was i little mean but WTF? ahah seriously?
OH i was forgetting something.. i just wanna make a HUGE statement... this fashion trend ISNT for men!!!.. oh so now that we make that clear.. i guess you want some recommendations?
  • First of all ALWAYS use heels..flats sandals looks so similar to men's using sandals+socks...
  • Black, white and gray are the usual colors but I encourage people to uses colorfull one to pop out a colorless outfit.
  • Well, there aren't to many "rules" for this fashion trend.. just have fun and be a little more open because at first I was doubtful but then I admitted to myself that actually it looks pretty good!
Now more Eye Candy!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

ohh another giveaway?

WOW now my first 2 giveaways in one day? can I be more eexited? uhm nooo i dont think so!!.. so look...

(03/18/10 - 04/18/10; 11pm PST)
-MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD OR HAVE A CONSENT FROM A LEGAL GUARDIAN TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY ( hey i know im sixteen but my mother told me it was okay so its cool:D)
NOW WISH ME LUCK! hahah really good vibrations help a lot!
I really hope o win haha bacause my parent dont buy me any makeup and I really need a job:( or some kind of income...

Goodie Bag giveaway! Wish me luck!

sooo this is someting i need to do for entering in this awesome giveaway! im very exited since is my first time or maybe second that I enter to any giveaway!
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miley and Victoria Fashion Face OFF

Im not a huge fan of celebrity teens( no longer) but despite I hate miley cyrus i still love how she dresses and some of her songs are decent.. haha gosh i want to hate her but can't.. do you see my pint? well in the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards I love what she wore... and looking more closely at her shoes(which are stunning!) and then looking at Victoria Justice I spotted that they wore the same (amazing) shoes..the Alexander Wang Freja boots!! soo im liking more how Miley wore it simple because i love her leather pants and her whole outfit and i prefer wearing booties with some leggins or hosiery when im wearing a dress.. but that's just me but tell me what do you think ...which one wore it better?

Spring 2010 Fashion Trend No.1

Hot Pants & Boy Shorts

So since its holy week here where i live im going to post everyday some trends that are going to be super hot for this spring!.. first of all and one of my favorite since i can show off my long legs;)...

So for this style to work you need a lot.. and i am really serious about this.. A LOT of confidence in your figure!

Two hot pant styles for 2010

One of the two styles for hot pants in 2010, mid-cut hot pants, start at or just below the belly button.
The other ones are the High-Waisted Hot Pants.As it was on the catwalks, so I suspect it shall be on the streets. To balance the fact that a negative hem line is going to reveal a lot of skin high waisted hot pants will be the strongest look for this trend in 2010.
here are some tips for you if you are feeling fearless and will try this look!

  • In wearing hot pants you're showing a lot of skin, so consider pairing them other articles of clothing that tone them down. A loose cut top, such as a billowy blouse or a boyfriend blazer, might be the perfect match

  • Wear hot pants only with heels, unless your name happens to be Gisele Bundchen, Natasha Poly, or you happen to be employed by Victoria's Secret for the job of 'Angel'. Heels will slim out your figure, and give shape to both your legs and derriere

  • If you translate the look from Spring 2010 into the Autumn (Fall) / Winter season, or even wearing out hot pants on a cool Summer evening, consider wearing them over tights or stockings. Also consider bold patterned or coloured tights, to increase the impact of the look

  • In the same vein: hot pants in Spring 2010 are all about colours and patterns. Don't feel you have to wear them solely in black, that was a 2009 interpretation of the look. Also look for unique pieces courtesy of a different fabric; a fusion between hot pants and the leather fashion trend could work wonders. me for example, i LOVE leather!

  • Night time hot pants allow for a whole new level of detailing, such as sequins and studs (though these aren't precluded from day light hours)

  • Day time is the perfect time to fuse hot pants with the 2010 sports-wear fashion trend

  • Finally, akin to the bare midriff fashion trend I have to honestly caution you: you have to have the body for 2010's hot pants. With a negative-hemline, wearing them means showing off your bum. Fantastic if you've got a great bum, but prone to derision if you're don't.

  • These are my favorites:

    Boy Shorts & Short Shorts
    If hot pants don't take your fancy then consider boy shorts an alternative. Taking their inspiration from boy shorts knickers the cut is akin to hot pants, though differentiated by a featuring a hemline that doesn't curve up the body. Think of short shorts, just not in denim and without the rips, and you're on the money. Everyone knows the ambassador for this trend, Kate Moss.
    If you want to invest in the boy shorts as outerwear fashion trend then ensure that you're wearing a pair that have these two features:

    A hemline that travels no more than 2 inches down your thigh
    A figure hugging cut, particularly across the rear. A relaxed front is a great idea if you're want to avoiding camel toe.
    Now.. some eye candy plz!! hehe...

    The difference between hot pants, boy shorts and short shorts

    While analysing this trend two things became clear: #1 the distinction between the styles of hot pants, short shorts, and boy shorts wasn't in the least bit clear, #2 that this was as a result of the fact that public taste has largely changed. As you peruse the pictures above and those in the inspiration gallery below you'll realise that what counted as hot pants the last time they were a trend would now be considered a short short (at most). As such, for 2010 a redefinition of the styles is needed:

    Hot Pants

    • Have a negative hem line
    • Are cut up the outer thigh
    • Reveal some part of the derriere be it a small part of the bottom of the cheek, or a larger part
    • Can be mid or high waisted
    Boy Shorts and Short Shorts
    • Have a neutral hem line
    • Sit under the cheeks
    • Generally low waisted, though some designers have interpreted the short in short shorts to only affect the hem line and not the belt line.

    Saturday, March 27, 2010

    Feedback on me+ my song

    Soo im in such a good mood today!!! okay first of all let me tell you my yesterday's super sad in my city there is an event (like the fahsion week just not that fashionable and talented to my opinion .. but still) and it is called "Plataforma K" and in eglish it would be something like K runway... i was going to the cast for models i mean believe me.. here the models are FUGLY and they look cheap and hoochie(mostly) because the colombia models are curvier than themodels we are used to see in Fashion TV hahahaha but im not i mean im almost fat at the chest.. well anyways i was too scared because i need to work out sooo much more and ive been eating soo many sweets .. i guess i thought (or still i do)that they arent gonna make me fat.. well yesterday was the last show and me and my friends got some tickets to go..but sadly i could go because i didnt had anyone to take me there... probably you are thinking something like .. really? what a silly reason!!! but i live in a really far away place and here in my city its not as easy as you'll think and teens (not counting myself) are not that independent like in any other part of the world.. I despise that...well finishing with the story i stay in my room feeling depressed ..... BUT today i went to the hair salon to get my hair done and that gave me a boost to my confidence! YEIII.. also i started researching for some sewing machines because finally my parent are starting to believe in me and my future! haha double yeii! hahah and last but not least.. i finally after month of looking for them, i found some jeggins!!!hahah and the funny part is that i didnt actually find them.. they found me... well ive got this "friend" and her mother sells cloths that someone brings from USA... so she told me today... now i really hope they arent too expensive because then my parent would not buy it for me!!( booh i hate to depend on them... why can't 16 year old people can't work in my country?.. thats too much BS!)
    and the last part... is that maybe you dont know this but sometimes when im bored and i dont have a pencil(therefore i cant sketch) i start to write songs or emotions... it may sound lame but i enjoy it (pd: i got my inspiration from "Perfect You"
    by Elizabeth Scott and some bits of my life.. so here it goes.. i hope you like it.

    I walk by
    You chase me
    I chase back
    You walk away

    Im tired of this hunt
    it drives me insane
    in my throat there's a bump
    of air turning into flames

    are you the lion?
    Im I the lamb?
    i need someone to rely on
    so you better fix your plans
    are you the mouse?
    Im i the cat?
    are you feeling aroused?
    we should work out this act!

    are you performing this love
    or is it real?
    is this a lie?
    or its actually how you feel?

    Im not your type
    thats ok
    cause you are not mine

    lets see how this goes
    and if we want to..
    we'll change our minds
    are you the lion?
    Im I the lamb?
    i need someone to rely on
    so you better fix your plans
    are you the mouse?
    Im i the cat?
    are you feeling aroused?
    we should work out this act!

    And the Coolest news ever!! My sister is coming in a couple of weeks... im super exited because i dont get to see her as often as i wished.. and she is the sweetest, cutest lovable caring and coolest sister someone could have( not forgetting prettiest, beautiful and trendy).. i really feel super lucky for having her even though she doubles my age,she seems and acts way younger than she is which i also love... okay ill guess you want some details about our relationship? well we didnt get to spend a lot of time when i was a kid.. i mean when i was a baby and up until i was 5 she was there for me and i love her.. haha she used to put this minnie mouse or giraffe or any wacky makeup on me and i adored it!! but she went to live her live in a better place and she had to work very hard to be where she is now ( as you might guess i admire her sooo much and she has and always will be my role model.. no matter which decisions she makes i will always look up to her (haha omg my ayes are getting wet!!) well i last saw her in summer 2008 and i went to Miami and I am really gratefull because i really got to know her a lot better and even though ive change so much since we saw haha i will always be her cute shy but FASHIONISTA little sister hahah it would sound a little bit crazy but every time i think of her she makes me believe in my dreams and work harder to reach my goals... i really love her<3...

    Friday, March 19, 2010

    3 H&M looks

    So, now i dont know which store do i prefer.. i mean forever21 its a classic right? But but the moment H&M has won my heart...i made 3 different looks for 3 different weathers..(or at least the first one is the type of cloths that i can wear here in my city because of the heat!!) ohh right i forgot to tell you that i made this looks , i mean in H&M they have this thing called "Fashion Studio" where you can pick the model and you can dress her ot him up in whatever you want and you can even put the shirt on top of the short or stuff like that haha i really enjoy it!
    I love this look, its simple and so fresh!

    Oh personally this is my favorite!! i love those tulle skirt and i want one soo bad, as for the jacket and the shirt wow i love sequins and stripes:D.. ohh and the shoes!!:D

    Oh this is also lovely.. i need a pair of short really fast( i know they are basica to any outfit but you dont know how hard is to find any cut and afordable shorts in KillaTown.. im not paying $150 mil pesos($75) for a horrible pair of shorts that i dont even like because i want those "miley Cyrus" type of shorts.. you know? and all i find are grandma shorts) well and pair the hort with dot tights and ankle booties!!ohh really beautiful...

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    Creppes Suzette- AZUCAR!

    So today I went to Lau L' house to make a french cooking proyect which consisted in making creppes suzette and making the video with instructions.. IN FRENCH!! can you believe it? omg i was stressed about the "accent" haha well while the sugar, the lemon and the orange juice caramelised, we started goofing around and i started "surfing" while dancing if you can call what i am doing to dance.. haha i was falling to the ground of so much laughter hahah i really had an awesome day andate a lot of sugar.. soo AZUCARR!!!!

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Disaster Day + playlist

    So Today is one of those awful crappy days when i feel im just worthless...yeap i guess everybody has those type of know, crying, singing a sad song.. then crying even more and thinking awful things of myself.. i've figure out im a depressive person or maybe bipolar because sometimes i am too happy and other times i am too sad, my psychologist told me i use this mask to show the world im happy but inside im just this huge disaster crumbling into pieces.. i first denied it but now it all seems that she was right about i guess this isn't a fashionista post.. I guess this is like my not so personal Diary... well since im a semi-loner naturally living in a place which I dont like and idk it just frustrates me, i wish i found more people similar to me (yeap.. its a rare breed ;). sometimes i guess my friends dont even care how i feel or just what i've got to say...omg 700 or something days more to graduate im seriously planning on posting a countdown or something...gosh i wanna leave this worthless town soo fast... sometimes i feel lost and this makes me feel more insecure than I already am, I guess i dont give people a chance but the ones that i already know dont deserve it and the rest ..come on.. i need people who appreciate the same things i do...

    so i start listening some songs and paying full atention to the lyrics,yeap some are not my type of songs.. but the lyric are amazing.. so this is my playlist...its describes more how i feel than this attempt of a confession.

    1. This Is me- Demi Lovato

    2. Who Will I be?- Demi Lovato

    3. Here I Am- Camp Rock

    4. Stop & Stare- One Republic

    5. Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield

    6. Defying Gravity- Glee

    7. Life Is a Show- Cassie Steele

    8. Keep Holding On- Avril lavigne

    9. Only Hope- Switchfoot

    10. I Wont Apologize- Selena Gomez

    11. A.D.D-The Pretty Reckless

    12. Forever Or Never- Cinema Bizarre

    13. Operator- Shiloh

    14. I Am Me- Ashlee Simpson

    15. Just Let Me Cry- Ashlee Simpson

    16. Invisiblee- Ashlee Simpson

    17. There are a lot more song but right now i need toc hange cuz im going to maly's house to maybe take my mind off things and just think in ither things

    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    Sam Edelman - Zoe - Black Suede Bootie

    OHHH MY!!!! i just died and went straight to heaven!!! and look at the reference:

    Dare to be different and stand out from all the rest. Step out in the Zoe from Sam Edelman and bask in all the attention.(i love being different and standing out!! this was sooo made for me!!)
    LUSTED OVER. BLOGGED TO DEATH. THE LEGEND CAN FINALLY BE YOURS... We can thank Sam Edelman for bringing back this sold out ankle boot that every fashionista is lusting over.

    Finally Back in Stock!
    Heel measures 5 ½ inches
    Hidden platform measures 1 inch in height
    Harness detailing has buckles and adjustable straps
    Zipper helps with putting the boot on and taking it off
    Leather and fabric upper
    Black leather
    Available in Full Sizes 6-10. Half sizes are not available. Go up if half size.
    $300.00 at solestruck wants!!!

    The Blues-H&M

    As everyone knows (or should know) Denims are super hot in 2010... and H&M have this amazing collection called "the blues" (what a name huh?) this are some part of the collection. I loved everything i posted but that shirt and thata dress is a gotta-have...what do you think..are you up for wearing some of The Blues?

    Monday, March 1, 2010

    New arrivals ad awesome finds

    OMG OMG OMG!!!! i was just looking around F21( like I do daily;) and look what amazing things i found.. i mean i couldn't go away without posting it!! you better check this things out and if you like them, then hurry up and buy them soon because they will definitely be out of stock in a matter of time like.. NOW!

    Acid Ankle Jean w/ Chain $29.80
    The chain gives it a more Glam rock look. They are really skinny jeans and makes your butt look amazing!!

    Smoky Eye On The Go $4.80
    This is one of the most wonderful and useful kit. Imean ll that in only one little thingy? i really need this because i never have space in my bag.

    Live It Up Concert Tee Was: $12.80 Now: $3.99
    I love this type of graphic t-shirts...and i love the design of this one---one day when im a huge fashion designer/graphic designer ill create wonderful design in my cloths and ill have a line just for graphic t's.

    Dotted Panel Silk Dress $34.80
    This dress is so beautiful and fun.. i mean all those polka-dots and colors, and the way the upper part lines all become together and form the neckline is stunning!

    Tiered Mesh Skirt $14.80
    I really want this skirt.. with liquids leggins and ankle boots or maybe the jeffrey campbell's "Tick" they look AH-MAZING!