Monday, February 22, 2010

OPI Nail Polish

I was walking around a store yesterday looking for knew nail polishes since almost all are finished (thanks mom, why do you have your obsession of painting your nails almost daily? huh? and my stupid school doesn't allows "dark" nails polish.. only soft pink..BOOh!! so since i saw the "mint" looking nail polish in a magazine very recently i've been searching for it but with any success...lame city of mine!! well i went on (best NP page ever since you can see all the NP in different skin tones and nail length... amazing if you ask me) and pick some of my favorites... Fist of all, my favorite (and the one i've been looking around since like ages agos and haven't found yet... SOS)! Hey! Get in Lime my second favorite this gray Over The Taupe This one looks amazing in every skin color Dating A Royal Black is a totally must have.. im really serious! you guys should have black!it is like my number one essential when im in holidays or when friday and saturday comes! Black Onyx And well.. yeah everyone need at least 1 pink color... so hree its my favorite light pink one.. I Pink I Love You.. haha i even like the name.

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