Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh My!!!

These are some things I totally lust for!I mean maybe people in "killatown" will definitely give me "the stare" if I use a blazer or some high waist shorts but I am being who I was born to be so i really don't care what unoriginal, inside-the-box-thinkers and lame people think.. i mean why does everyone think that a tank top, frayed shorts and sandals are ok enough to go out to dinner? HELLO!! WAKE UP! OMG.. 2 and a half years more and hopefully I'll be out of my city and heading to a big city like NY or LA. :D

PETITE 3/4 SLEEVE BLAZER $125.00 Topshop

ALICE + OLIVIA Striped cotton skirt $165

Silk-georgette tiered skirt Original Price 985 $ NOW 295,50 $ 70% off @

Loeffler Randall BUSTIER TOP $195.00

STELLA MCCARTNEY Lace halterneck top $1,035

Jeffrey Campbell "Tick" Peep Toe Wedges

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