Sunday, February 7, 2010

Im back (finally)

I am soo soo so sorry i've been lost for i dunno, a month now? and i swear i got a got reason.. is that i change the internet thingy and now i am using telmex but they took ages to come and fix the problem because before i changed, my internet was damaged for like the third time in 2 months, and i cant leave without internet.. really i almost collapse... the only good thing was the i was able to read like 15 books.. yeah im such a nerd but.. WHAT? hahah anyway.. im back and i bring you some of my inspiration i use to design ... i mean is the best page ever don't you think so?..Uhm.. lately i've been wearing black and white like everysingle day ahahah because you know, black, white and red are my favorite colors and wellsomethimes i think i'me wearing too much black, and then a second later i just think " Nah, you can never ever wear too much black" ahhaha so here are my favorite picks how to use black and white an not look like attending to a funeral hehehe...

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