Sunday, February 21, 2010

☠Forever 21 ☠

everyone knows that one of my top 3 cheap but chic shops is Forever 21.. i mean you can find trendy items while not getting broke!same as Zara, H&M and Topshop which I <3. So this are some of my favorite new arrivals ..plz check them up and tell me what you think about it! i really need to start saving up money haha i think i really need a job because it is was to me, i will simply walk in the store and ask for one item of everything they've got in my size and Boom! but since i don't think im winning the lottery any soon... i guess ill just dream about until i get a job or start selling my bows as i used to do before...(seriously i need a sewing machine ASAP!!!) well so here goes my picks!

Puckered Sleeve Knit Top for $15.80
What a feminine short sleeve knit top featuring a scoop neckline with floral side accents.It comes in light pink and cream.I just show it to my mom and we were just discussing about which one should be hers and which one should be mine.We ended the way we always end .. haha cream is my color but sometimes i think my wardrobe need more colors than black, white, red, cream, black.. oh... and black again...(im not complaining.. just needing more colors to used WITH the black hahahah)

Striped Skirt w/ Belt for $15.80
This is so my style and my colors so i really dont need to explain why i pick it, i once saw it, like ages ago in and now that it has been released again i really wish i can get it before in goes out of stock.. again...heheh

Frayed Front Skinny Jean for $27.80
We know frayed jeans are gonna be big (or even bigger) in 2010 and this one are to die for! it has 5 pockets and its fabulous! they fit amazingly to the body and make you look like a model.

Spray Striped Pocket Top for $14.80
I've been wanting a black/white stripe t-shirt for like almost 4 months now. im so into this style and pair them with liquid leggins or leather pants, black leather ankle booties and a black blazer and you are ready to go and walk the street as if it was a runway ;)... add a statement necklace and now you will impress everyone!

Couture Model Tunic Tee w/ Vest for $19.80
omg i totally love this!! i think i would wear it daily! and comes with the vest!! this is a super bargain!

Denim Appearance Leggings for only $8.50
and comes in Black and Indigo... these are a must have in every wardrobe.. I once saw a pair in "Vintage", a store with amazing but sadly high prices in 84 Street in front of petromil (a gas station) but they were size s and hello .. im miss.long spaghetti legs(quoting my friend maky ;)there fore i am size m... boooh! i really want them.

Mineral Washed Skinny Jeans for $29.80
and it comes in Black and Blue but the black ones are so much cooler.I've been looking around my city for a pair like those but here in "Killtown" cloth are so boring and usual(yeap, everybody dress in shorts and tank tops like every single day.. lame!!) pd--i really need those ankle booties no matter how high they are!!

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