Friday, March 30, 2012

PokeNails. Gotta Catch them all!

So lately Ive been wanting do to this on my nails, I felt like wanting something a bit difficult and this ones I just love because well, I had a fun childhood that included a lot of pokemon.
I know I know, the circles aren't perfect , AT ALL and sadly I have no dotting tools to make them perfect but until I get them I will have to improvise and do them the best I can.
This nails design show how much of a nerd I am and at school they were a huge success, everyone loved them and it was soo funny because they asked me to show them my nails and like up close they don't look as well like from afar because of the crazy circles but still good enough. My guy friends where obsessed with them so girls perhaps if your crush has a poke-childhood then this could definitely win you some points!
What do you think about my nails at the moments/ too quirky for you?

Guess Who's Back!

..Back again, Laura's back!...tell a friend!
So finally after more than a year, almost 2, Im back, my excuse? well I'm an International Baccalaureate candidate for the diploma, if you know what this means then I love you, ig you dont, well its like doing the AP in 6 subjects plus so many other stuff. So lets update for a bit ok? well Ill be graduating in about 2 months finally! yay, I want to study in Australia or in the USA fashion design and Illustration. I got a new camera so Ill finally be apple to show you guys more about my life. I've got a tumblr which is if you want to follow me, I follow back ;), My style evolved, I'm more into grunge how ever I still have some of my old style in me. Here are some pics about my doings while I was gone.

I'm back now and I missed you!