Sunday, May 30, 2010

Style Trend: High Waisted Vintage Shorts

Ok so I'm is this phase of life where i dont want lo look sexy.. I want to look classy and stylish.. and by "sexy" i mean wearing something tight .. i dont know.. i just want to wear cloth that feels loose and awesomely classy and what a better way to still show legs( I mean it is summer after all and you still look amazing.. just not skanky) than high waisted vintage shorts?.. ohh . i was forgetting.. beware because if you have big hips or thighs you would look even bigger son try staying away from them bacause they will accentuate your beautiful curves;)
so here are the amazing eyecandy i found in one of my favorite webpages evaaaah!!! LookBook
the first one is my favorite look!!

So you see the different possibilities you can get this look! bright it up with colors such as blue, red, orange, aqua,purple.. i dont know.. there are a lot of colors you can choose from! and materials.. look the leather one!! mazing don't you think so?.. and you look soo stylish and soo classy, i mean you can wear heels with shorts and look elegant! I'm definitely buying a pair of this shorts soon!Let me guess, you want to get them too? okay so here are the best deals!!

and my favorite shop for shorts (and basically everything!) is .. drumroll plz...
here are my favorite Zara high waisted shorts!



Lookbook is fantastic and so are these looks!

Jodi said...

oh those are some of my favourite looks!! i love high waisted shorts i think they are a such a chic and stylish way to keep cool in the summer. I just wore my jean ones in my last post. I only have two pairs and definitely want some more. I know what you mean about the whole extremely tight clothes thing, classy and stylish is definitely the way to go!

Nathalie said...

great looks you chose. And really like the collection from Zara

LA said...

I was looking for the last shorts so many time, and without success :(

The first and the second are another option.. I like em!


Kabujurra said...

very cute this style!!!

loved your blog!! ***kiss***

Fashion By He said...

great post!! seem we think alike about shorst!!

-He approves


need some shorts!