Sunday, May 9, 2010


Ok so this shop has had me browsing all their fabulous clothes since 3 months ago!!.. I must say that I love everything! they sell new items as well as vintage items!! whats more to love? so im going to post about my favorite things lately! here it goes!

This is my favorite dress!Lula Scalloped Lace Dress - Nude for $48.00

The beautiful Miami Vice Linen Blazer goes for $74.00
The sweet and pretty Savannah Lace Dress for $64.00

The cool Cobain Shades in black are for $30.00
The Chlorinated Jeans for $108.00

This sexy dress has been spotted as a top on kristin Cavallari a couple of days ago!
Hands On Dress by DimePiece for $108.00 hurry up because there is only 1 in stock size s!RUN RUN!

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interesting dress ;)