Sunday, May 16, 2010

DIY Lanvin Inspired tank

So yesterday I was super duper bored and(instead of studding for my finals) I checked for my DIY projects-to-do List.I love ThreadBanger Blog and i downloaded their podcast on Itunes( i recommend it to you guys!! its awesome!)and i watched the VainGlorious video for DIY embellished T-shirts!(i leave the video below) and I got an Art Attack! hahhaha so I gather everything that could work to this project (yep, even the feather that I used 2 years ago for my flapper costume and used it as the eyelashes!) so here is the steps I took for my project!
These are all the materials i used (after a while, i change the ribbon because the one that i had chosen wasn't wide enough)

After Doing the sketches with pencil, i painted(be careful to put something in between the shirt for the paint not to transfer the cloth) and yep.. that little water mistake that fell on the right eyelash is a bummer so be careful yourself and don't commit the same mistake I did!
Cut the halloween flapper's costume feather in half.
Make a simple bow, it is really really easy, just cut like 25 cm of the ribbon, sew the both ends and then with a little satin ribbon(the white one)make a knot in the middle and secure it.
Yes this is the finished tank! haha i put some red glitter on the lips for it to be shinny baby! ahha tell me what you think and if you dare to make this DIY please show me your pictures to exchange ideas. this was super easy and took me less than 15 minutes.. believe the tank looks so good on, but i was tired and late for a girls night out and I didn't had time to put it on and snap some pictures.. sorry Ill try to do it some other day after finals haha .. that remembers me that HELLOO! I should be studying! hahahah. Well I hope you like this t-shirt and here is the VainGlorious video I promised you earlier! Love you guys! oh and pray for me to do well enough in my social studies Final would you? because I would really appreciate that with all my heart!


The Trendy Fashionista said...

So cute!!! Thanks for the tutorial

-The Trendy Fashionista

kirstyb said...

great DIY i love it x

mosha said...

that's what I call creativity ;P

Laura said...

thanks a lot girls!

sundersartwork said...

Great art, artists can turn something utilitarian like a white shirt in to unique.You have a lot of creativity. I never tire of seeing what talented people make.