Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring 2010 Fashion Trend No.1

Hot Pants & Boy Shorts

So since its holy week here where i live im going to post everyday some trends that are going to be super hot for this spring!.. first of all and one of my favorite since i can show off my long legs;)...

So for this style to work you need a lot.. and i am really serious about this.. A LOT of confidence in your figure!

Two hot pant styles for 2010

One of the two styles for hot pants in 2010, mid-cut hot pants, start at or just below the belly button.
The other ones are the High-Waisted Hot Pants.As it was on the catwalks, so I suspect it shall be on the streets. To balance the fact that a negative hem line is going to reveal a lot of skin high waisted hot pants will be the strongest look for this trend in 2010.
here are some tips for you if you are feeling fearless and will try this look!

  • In wearing hot pants you're showing a lot of skin, so consider pairing them other articles of clothing that tone them down. A loose cut top, such as a billowy blouse or a boyfriend blazer, might be the perfect match

  • Wear hot pants only with heels, unless your name happens to be Gisele Bundchen, Natasha Poly, or you happen to be employed by Victoria's Secret for the job of 'Angel'. Heels will slim out your figure, and give shape to both your legs and derriere

  • If you translate the look from Spring 2010 into the Autumn (Fall) / Winter season, or even wearing out hot pants on a cool Summer evening, consider wearing them over tights or stockings. Also consider bold patterned or coloured tights, to increase the impact of the look

  • In the same vein: hot pants in Spring 2010 are all about colours and patterns. Don't feel you have to wear them solely in black, that was a 2009 interpretation of the look. Also look for unique pieces courtesy of a different fabric; a fusion between hot pants and the leather fashion trend could work wonders. me for example, i LOVE leather!

  • Night time hot pants allow for a whole new level of detailing, such as sequins and studs (though these aren't precluded from day light hours)

  • Day time is the perfect time to fuse hot pants with the 2010 sports-wear fashion trend

  • Finally, akin to the bare midriff fashion trend I have to honestly caution you: you have to have the body for 2010's hot pants. With a negative-hemline, wearing them means showing off your bum. Fantastic if you've got a great bum, but prone to derision if you're don't.

  • These are my favorites:

    Boy Shorts & Short Shorts
    If hot pants don't take your fancy then consider boy shorts an alternative. Taking their inspiration from boy shorts knickers the cut is akin to hot pants, though differentiated by a featuring a hemline that doesn't curve up the body. Think of short shorts, just not in denim and without the rips, and you're on the money. Everyone knows the ambassador for this trend, Kate Moss.
    If you want to invest in the boy shorts as outerwear fashion trend then ensure that you're wearing a pair that have these two features:

    A hemline that travels no more than 2 inches down your thigh
    A figure hugging cut, particularly across the rear. A relaxed front is a great idea if you're want to avoiding camel toe.
    Now.. some eye candy plz!! hehe...

    The difference between hot pants, boy shorts and short shorts

    While analysing this trend two things became clear: #1 the distinction between the styles of hot pants, short shorts, and boy shorts wasn't in the least bit clear, #2 that this was as a result of the fact that public taste has largely changed. As you peruse the pictures above and those in the inspiration gallery below you'll realise that what counted as hot pants the last time they were a trend would now be considered a short short (at most). As such, for 2010 a redefinition of the styles is needed:

    Hot Pants

    • Have a negative hem line
    • Are cut up the outer thigh
    • Reveal some part of the derriere be it a small part of the bottom of the cheek, or a larger part
    • Can be mid or high waisted
    Boy Shorts and Short Shorts
    • Have a neutral hem line
    • Sit under the cheeks
    • Generally low waisted, though some designers have interpreted the short in short shorts to only affect the hem line and not the belt line.

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