Thursday, March 11, 2010

Disaster Day + playlist

So Today is one of those awful crappy days when i feel im just worthless...yeap i guess everybody has those type of know, crying, singing a sad song.. then crying even more and thinking awful things of myself.. i've figure out im a depressive person or maybe bipolar because sometimes i am too happy and other times i am too sad, my psychologist told me i use this mask to show the world im happy but inside im just this huge disaster crumbling into pieces.. i first denied it but now it all seems that she was right about i guess this isn't a fashionista post.. I guess this is like my not so personal Diary... well since im a semi-loner naturally living in a place which I dont like and idk it just frustrates me, i wish i found more people similar to me (yeap.. its a rare breed ;). sometimes i guess my friends dont even care how i feel or just what i've got to say...omg 700 or something days more to graduate im seriously planning on posting a countdown or something...gosh i wanna leave this worthless town soo fast... sometimes i feel lost and this makes me feel more insecure than I already am, I guess i dont give people a chance but the ones that i already know dont deserve it and the rest ..come on.. i need people who appreciate the same things i do...

so i start listening some songs and paying full atention to the lyrics,yeap some are not my type of songs.. but the lyric are amazing.. so this is my playlist...its describes more how i feel than this attempt of a confession.

  1. This Is me- Demi Lovato

  2. Who Will I be?- Demi Lovato

  3. Here I Am- Camp Rock

  4. Stop & Stare- One Republic

  5. Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield

  6. Defying Gravity- Glee

  7. Life Is a Show- Cassie Steele

  8. Keep Holding On- Avril lavigne

  9. Only Hope- Switchfoot

  10. I Wont Apologize- Selena Gomez

  11. A.D.D-The Pretty Reckless

  12. Forever Or Never- Cinema Bizarre

  13. Operator- Shiloh

  14. I Am Me- Ashlee Simpson

  15. Just Let Me Cry- Ashlee Simpson

  16. Invisiblee- Ashlee Simpson

  17. There are a lot more song but right now i need toc hange cuz im going to maly's house to maybe take my mind off things and just think in ither things

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