Friday, March 19, 2010

3 H&M looks

So, now i dont know which store do i prefer.. i mean forever21 its a classic right? But but the moment H&M has won my heart...i made 3 different looks for 3 different weathers..(or at least the first one is the type of cloths that i can wear here in my city because of the heat!!) ohh right i forgot to tell you that i made this looks , i mean in H&M they have this thing called "Fashion Studio" where you can pick the model and you can dress her ot him up in whatever you want and you can even put the shirt on top of the short or stuff like that haha i really enjoy it!
I love this look, its simple and so fresh!

Oh personally this is my favorite!! i love those tulle skirt and i want one soo bad, as for the jacket and the shirt wow i love sequins and stripes:D.. ohh and the shoes!!:D

Oh this is also lovely.. i need a pair of short really fast( i know they are basica to any outfit but you dont know how hard is to find any cut and afordable shorts in KillaTown.. im not paying $150 mil pesos($75) for a horrible pair of shorts that i dont even like because i want those "miley Cyrus" type of shorts.. you know? and all i find are grandma shorts) well and pair the hort with dot tights and ankle booties!!ohh really beautiful...


Nathalie said...

These are some really gorgeous outfits!! Love them
I am also on the hunt for jeans shorts, so good luck to both of us :)

Fashion By He said...

great outfits, love the blog

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Fashion Nicotine said...

I love the second & 3rd look!

Xx. Fashion Nicotine

Laura said...

thank you soo much for commenting! hehe natalie yes i really need some cute and stylish short haha you dont imagine how hard is to find them in my city i mean i dont like the majority..