Monday, December 21, 2009

AVATAR - the Movie

So... yesterday i went to watch AVATAR with one of my friends... Maky. Honestly I usually don't like science fiction movies, but this one was a huge exception.THIS MOVIE WAS AWESOME!!... i totally love it!!, the effects were amazing and the colors were stunning! OMG i <3 neon!, the story was also beautiful as it remarks how the human is damaging something as wonderful as nature and doesn't knows how bad the reasults are going to be now in days and even more in the feature. I love the appearance of Michelle Rodriguez in this movie, i totally loved the line when she said :"oops" refering to when she bombard the humans, and then .."You're not the only one with a gun, bitch!" ahahah it was hilarious, too bad she died :'( .. well anyways i loved this movie and it has been the best 3D movie i've seen... amazing! no more words to describe it!.. even though my friend and I arrive late to the cinema and we had to take the second row..(BTW.. my neck still hurts ^__^)i would totally watch this movie again (and i will=P).... ohh i forgot, I'm also asking for christmas a skin like the Na'vi.. its wonderful...those colors.. WOW!!...

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