Tuesday, December 29, 2009

if Barranquilla were a stylish place....

i would definitely wear this if barranquilla (my City)was a stylish place and i could get this stuff at a store but either i have to get them done by a designer or buy them at U.S.A (thanks sis for helping me sometimes with this.. love you!!) , is amazing, i love it i wish i could get socks like that here and the skirt is AMAZING!!!!
H&M SKIRT and VINTAGE SILK SHIRT+ socks and wedges = stylish!!!


laura said...

babee bilieve it or not u CAN get socks like that in killatown.. ive seen them.. i think so.. LOOVEE UU!!! love what u have done w/ your blog ;) att.guess whoo? YOUR NAMESAKE!

Laura said...

AHHH!!!!! enserio? dodne dodne????!! me muero.me dio algoo!!!in killatown? seriously? haha thanks and thanks for fallowing me!! te amooo! hey si es como un diario personal no tan personal hahaha