Friday, March 30, 2012

PokeNails. Gotta Catch them all!

So lately Ive been wanting do to this on my nails, I felt like wanting something a bit difficult and this ones I just love because well, I had a fun childhood that included a lot of pokemon.
I know I know, the circles aren't perfect , AT ALL and sadly I have no dotting tools to make them perfect but until I get them I will have to improvise and do them the best I can.
This nails design show how much of a nerd I am and at school they were a huge success, everyone loved them and it was soo funny because they asked me to show them my nails and like up close they don't look as well like from afar because of the crazy circles but still good enough. My guy friends where obsessed with them so girls perhaps if your crush has a poke-childhood then this could definitely win you some points!
What do you think about my nails at the moments/ too quirky for you?


Huda said...

POKEMON!! LOL Those are freakin' awesome! I love it :D I'm not surprised everyone loved them. You did a great job, and the end result turned out so well! :)

sundersartwork said...

I like how you incorporated pop culture in to your designs. It makes it really relevant. I like how the fashion you make can include everything right down the finger nails so the person becomes part of the effect, part of the outfit. Just i hope their are no POKEMON in those fingernails... imagine if you shook someone hands and Pikachu came and zapped them.

maria. said...

Pokemon nails can never be too quirky! They're absolutely perfect !

Jenna H. said...

Those are super cute nail! lOVE them!
Follow me back?
-Jenna <3