Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring 2010 Fashion Trend No.4

Side Braids
So last years were in the Milkmaid braids and this trend has evolved into the coolest trend for hair in 2010...The Side Braids!! okay so now i regret getting my hair cut soo short.. i mean my hair was sooo long and then i felt like a needed a change and I chopped off my hair to the shoulders by my self and then i went to a professional and he made a super short assimetrical cut.. now don't get me wrong.. i totally look like a model--very fashionista and all but sometimes i miss my hairlike right now to make this awesome braids! now I wish my hair grow quickly!
This trend wasfirstly brought up by Alexander Wang ..

Well since there aren't any rules in this hair style im going to show you the pros for this trend which are A LOT!
  • It goes super with any hair color!
  • Can be wore with any clothes
  • super great for all year long
  • If you have a fringe its okay.. look the picture of Abby Lee Kershaw
  • Its looks great with ZERO make up
  • It looks perfect If you are on the go like grocery shopping or if its a party night;)
  • If you stayed too long on the pool or you forgot to put on your cream to protect your hair from the sun rays and there with you is your crush..(obviously you are going to try to impress him but what are you going to do with that rat's nest?) easy peasy!! You are going to Side Braided!
  • Its awesome for any kind of hair so those of you who have "difficult" hair like me or have a lot of volume like me also hehe then what a better way to keep your hair from your face and look Fab?
Now the Cons
  • Looks best with longer hair.. so those of you you ahve short hair like me.. better go and get your hair extenssion on ;) ... (too bad I hate fake heheh..i'll guess i just have to let it grow the natural way)
Now the Eye Candy Part!!!

So now you are unsure on how to braid your hair? maybe a video will help!!!
How to Make the Messy Side Braid

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