Saturday, January 2, 2010

☠Rocker chicks love skulls!☠

So i was in Polyvore checking out how much an Alexander Wang's skull scarf cost just because ever since i saw it i just fell in love with it! but anyways i would never spend $260 dollars on it mostly because.. Wake up Laura haha! i live in a very hot city that temperature is like about 35 celcius...not forgetting the fact that people will look at me as if i was super crazy because come on you guys.. a scarf? in barranquilla? HA! .. but let me dream plz.. anyways i just figure i could use it as a bandana o maybe rapped it around my much motorcycle-dude type? huh? well i just love TayTay Momsen...i also need ASAP that liquid eye liner cuz here in my city i haven't found one like those that look like a marker, i've try with the normal ones but let me inform you that maybe i could have juvenile Parkinson syndrome hahaha...and last but not least.. that awesome skull ring!!aahhh *sight* what an amazing rocker ring! haha no body is gonna mess with me with that ring! so WATCH IT!;P

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